Our Story

My name is Andrew (aka The T-Shirt Whore) and I love t-shirts and hoodies, so I make them. As a total 80s kid, I've always been fascinated with them. A way to make a statement, and a form of expression. Some can be timeless, some can be wacky, or shocking. Some can bring back nostalgia, some are harshly realistic. And some can be a hot take on current situations. So I do it all. 

Target Markets and Trends? Boorrring!

TTSW was born in 2012. I started this venture because outside of band shirts (which I do love), there wasn't a lot out there in the corporate controlled lamestream that appealed to a Disorderly, Dark Humored, Socially Unacceptable weirdo like me. And I'm gonna bet all of that boring stuff out there in the mainstream, probably doesn't appeal to you, either. That's why you're here. 

So I got to work in the garage. And set about creating items for all of us. 

I decided I wanted to do it different though. I wanted to give my supporters the very best quality possible. No cheap garments. No thick plastic prints. Every garment screen printed by hand, using the finest eco-friendly inks in the World. 

Some people may say..."It's just a t-shirt.". But to me it's a statement you see. A statement that there's enough junk in the World. We don't need more junk. I want you to be proud of your stuff. And most of all, I want it to last you a lifetime. So I always strive for the absolute best quality at a reasonable, "working class" price. Sort of a...disorderly boutique thing. Run by an aging Punk Rocker.

I still print everything in batches to order as this makes each and every item uniquely YOURS and yours only. Rather than some prepackaged thing that gets yanked from the shelf by a robot. 

Every item you see on the site is Hand Crafted and produced in house. From the design stage to the screen printing. To the folding and packing. Nothing is outsourced. Nothing is drop shipped. This is how I ensure that you will get the very best for your time and money spent. I'm super proud of the way we do things. And I know that you will be just as proud once you receive your items.

Thank you for being part of the TTSW family.

- Andrew (aka TTSW)