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I love t-shirts, hence the name The T-Shirt Whore. I've always been fascinated with them. A slice of Americana sort of. A way to make a statement. And to provoke some thought. And I've always been considered, sort of, a freak. At least growing up where I did. I bet you can relate.  

TTSW was born in 2012 as a mission to express topics and statements that sort of fall outside the normal scope of viewing the world and society. Because outside of band shirts (which I love), there wasn't a lot out there that appealed to me. And likely it didn't (or doesn't) appeal to you either. 

So I set about creating items for all of us like minded quirky, anti-social, non-conforming, socially unacceptable outsiders. 

Stuff that says it right out loud, no holds barred. Stuff that is made for all of us with a strong sense of identity, and sometimes a twisted sense of humor, who are never afraid to speak what we feel. 

Except I decided to take it a step further. I want to give my customers the very best quality possible. No cheap garments. No thick, ugly prints. Every graphic, screen printed by hand using the finest eco-friendly inks in the World. Every garment, the best that I can find. 

The absolute best quality at a reasonable, "working class" price. Sort of a...feisty boutique thing. Run by an aging Punk Rocker. But without the ridiculous price tags. 

Every item you see on the site is produced in house. From the design stage to the screen printing. To the folding and packing. Nothing is outsourced. Nothing is drop shipped. This is how I ensure that you will get the very best for your time and money spent.  

Thank you for being part of the TTSW family.

- Andrew (aka TTSW)